How Richard Mishaan Design is Innovating the Interior Decorating Industry

Richard Mishaan of Richard Mishaan Design is currently ushering in an entirely new era of interior design glory. Mishaan has been developing his business, Richard Mishaan Design, out of New York for years now and over that time period, he has cultivated one of the most unique approaches to styles that we have seen. Typically, upscale interior design work tends to follow a specific pattern. You rarely see people willing to step out and really take risks with what they are doing. Richard Mishaan Design is not like those other companies and this is due entirely to Mishaan himself.


Most recently we saw that Richard Mishaan released his latest book, “Artfully Modern”, to near universal acclaim. The tabletop book, which focuses on Mishaan’s approach to design while providing plenty of pictures, was quick to rise up the Amazon sales charts — routinely hitting the top spot in a variety of different categories at a variety of different times.


Sitting with Mr. Mishaan and talking about Richard Mishaan Design can be an enlightening experience. Mishaan firmly believes in the power of personal story and that informs so much about what he tries to do when working with clients. For example, Mishaan himself loves to incorporate accent pieces that tell a story — even if they don’t match the rest of the concept of the room. Mishaan likes to layer different textures and work with different styles in order to create something that is comfortable, creative, and cozy for his clients. Richard Mishaan Design ( is looking at a bright future ahead.)

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