Avaaz moves towards less slactivism

Avaaz is a global environmental organization that works to educate people about the dangers of climate change, and it helps combat the effects of climate change and other environmental threats. It was founded by Res Publica and Moveon.org according to its Wikipedia page. The organization’s name comes from a Persian word meaning “voice” or “song.”

The organization exists to unite the efforts of pragmatic idealists around the world. It found itself active during the Arab spring, although the event did not turn out as well as Western watchers might have hoped. It set up proxy servers so Iranians could upload public videos, supported a no-fly zone over Libya in the same year, and it supported an uprising in Syria.

The organization continues its efforts in the modern era, trying to promote causes that are normally labeled progressive. Currently, the organization focuses on online activism, although some people within the organization wish to focus more on real-world efforts. The focus comes from outside critics who believe Avaaz is not doing enough to promote change in the real world.

Slacktivism is seen as a valid way to bring about change, but it is often seen as a way of supporting people who engage in real-world efforts such as protests, mail and e-mail campaigns, and other ways of engaging in political dissent. Slactivism has become an important part of activism in the modern world, and organizations such as Anonymous have managed to affect real change through their purely on the Internet operating methods.

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