Jose hawilla — Do Not fear Failure, Embrace Winning

Entrepreneurs will face many failures before they reach their ultimate success. It is a universal law that for every 20 failures you receive, you will receive 1 victory. Famous entrepreneurs have been able to cut this number in half, but they still receive 1 victory for every 10 failures. The greatest lesson an entrepreneur can learn is to embrace failure. It is the only thing that is ever guaranteed. In order to overcome these failures, you must be willing to fail and get up again to try again. It is only when you try again that you can have a chance to succeed.

The entrepreneurs that offer advice to new entrepreneurs will tell them that they have to try, and try, and try again before they win. This is true, but only in part. Jose Hawilla learned the secret to achieving success. You must be willing to try again and never stop at failure. You must try the same thing again until you master it. The sale only happens after 10 people say “no.” After you receive 10 “nos” you can finally make a sale and continue moving. Jose Hawilla knows that many people ignore advertising, but it is up to him to ensure that as many people as possible pay attention to his marketing. This is the attitude he took when venturing into football. He knows that marketing is about targeting those people who will say “yes.” This is how you learn to overcome your failures, focus on how to maximize your victories. Check out quora to see more.

Jose Hawilla was ready for failure when he announced that he would be investing in football. People laughed at him. But, he stood firm and went about creating his success. Now, he owns the largest marketing firm in Brazil. He has created many jobs and opportunities for people. Jose Hawilla is the reason that Sao Paulo, Brazil is in great condition and continues to improve. He has invested in his community, because he knows that the people are capable of achieving their dreams and having success. Jose Hawilla teaches young entrepreneurs to not be afraid of success and he has changed their lives.

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