Louis Believes in The Importance Partnerships

Louis Chenevert is the former CEO and chairman of UTC firm. He started his role at the firm in 2008, and he has served in the firm for over seven years. Louis has gained a lot of fame for his major accomplishments at the UTC firm and his ability to increase the firm’s revenue to over $10 billion in only two decades. The firm is majorly focused on technological inventions and has over the recent years brought a major revolution in the air and flight industry through the various models of engines that it has designed.

During his term in the firm Louis paid great attention to his employees with the aim of working together with them so as to accomplish a common goal in the firm. He strived to leave UTC Company in a better state than he found it and due to his passion for achieving success, he put a great effort towards bringing innovation in the firm so as to accomplish its long-term goals.

Louis believes in the importance of sharing ideas and working together as a team. He has strived to form partnerships with other firms so as to ensure that UTC Company achieves most of its goals. At the beginning of his career at the firm, Louis saw the firm intermarry with the Whitney & Pratt firm so that they could both work towards achieving their goals. The two firms majorly focused on designing the GIF engine, which would bring a major revolution in the air industry.

UTC later invested around $10billion towards the designing of the engine which was later released to the market. The jet engine was received with a lot of enthusiasm thanks to its ability to reduce fuel consumption as well as reduce noise that used to bother travelers. Over eighty aircraft have flown the newly designed engine and a significant number of them are amazed by the great effort showcased by the firms CEOL as well as his team of employees.

Louis has also strived to encourage his employees to learn and acquire ideas from others and through the Employee Scholar Program offered by UTC, many of them got to acquire a free education that has seen them become innovative.


The Deep Story Behind the Deepwater Model of Talos Energy

“We all want nice stuff but what I enjoy most is the challenge of building something that other people will come to the conclusion; you cannot build anymore”. Those are words from a real fighter who has gone through the mountains and valleys of life and came out successful. There is no success without a story; many may look at the success being displayed by Talos Energy and think that it just happened. No, nothing on earth just happens; there is always a force behind everything. In Talos Energy is Tim Duncan who narrates the story that forms the background of his success.

In his recent negotiation which can be called the greatest concerning the onshore wells, Tim Duncan remembers how the whole story began. After a couple days of his suburb’s streets being impassable in Kingwood, Texas in Houston, after a tropical torment hit the region, some report came that the region would be hit by Hurricane floodwaters. This led him to take his wife and son to FEMA rescue boat. In his activities, he still had his thought of making his deal of merging his company with Stone Energy a reality. By then Stone Energy was running bankrupt.

His decision was critical having in mind that his family needs to be safe. So he flew the family to Alabama and came back to his mother’s house in Texas. In the dining room table seemed to be his favorite spot for it is where he spent late nights skimming, negotiating the deal and looking at it from all aspects. The completion of the merger saw Tim presiding over an oil company with revenue of $90 million and all Talos Energy assets will be at the Gulf of Mexico.

The Chief Executive Officer of Talos Energy, Mr. Tim Duncan has seen the company through and currently, it can produce more than 48,000 barrels every day. He aims to increase the level of production even to higher heights. The biggest asset of Talos Energy is Phoenix field which had been swept by Hurricane Rita but the company cleaned it up and now it pumps over 16,000 barrels a day from the field. It’s clear that Talos will acquire Pompano platform and other more promising drilling sites like seismic offshore.


Peter Briger, Fortress Investment Group’s Principal, and Investment Guru

Peter Briger works as the co-chairman of the Fortress Investment Group, one of the most prominent alternative asset managers in the world. He has also served as the co-chairman of the company‘s board of directors since 2009. Peter holds various other key roles at the company and its subsidiaries as well. Fortress Investment Group is an investment company established in New York, USA and Briger’s office is at the company’s headquarters. Peter Briger holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and an MBA from Princeton University and the University of Pennsylvania respectively.

Fortress Investment Group is a well-known investment manager. According to December 2017 report, the organization has an asset base worth 43.6 billion dollars. The group has a considerably massive client base. Its customers include private groups, institutions, and corporate officials. Fortress serves more than 1,750 companies throughout the globe. It provides its clients with a variety of services ranging from private capital investment and real estate programs. The firm has been operating for some time, and it has extensive experience in expanding financial management services. The management of the company is keen on growing risk-adjusted returns for the investors on a regular basis.

According to recent financial performance records, the company had 953 members of staff in the Department of Asset Management. Fortress also recorded more than 216 investment professionals in its service across the world. The primary focus of the company includes asset-based service. Fortress Investment Group offers specialized and professional advice on issues such as owning, financing, pricing as well as supervising the management of physical and financial assets. Peter Briger has played an integral role in the exponential development of the firm as an investment executive due to his far-reaching experience in financial services.

Besides Mr. Briger’s work as an investment consultant, he is also active in supporting the society. To start with, Peter is one of the Alumni who has created a fund that supports Alma Mata group at the Princeton University with startup enterprises to develop their businesses. This support aims at sustaining the University’s alumni hope that it’ll have the maximum impact on the lives that go through it.

Peter Briger and his fellow alumni colleagues wish to grow an entrepreneurial mentality at the Princeton University. The Entrepreneurship Advisory committee at the university is at the forefront in endorsing entrepreneurship. The university has proposed the Entrepreneurs Fund by the Alumni to help realize the many benefits of innovation and creativity.

Alex Pall Music Industry Life

If you or someone you know wants to get an idea of what creative dedication and musical innovation looks like in the industry today, getting to know Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers is recommended. You can start by finding out how The Chainsmokers found its spark and just where the collective vision comes from as well. You can then move on to where Pall sees himself and creative partner, Alex Taggart, within the whole of the music business. It would also be a good idea to find out how they live, work and make sense of it all in this crazy fast-paced world.

One sure-fire method to see this endeavor through is to just become a fan of the Chainsmokers and follow the band. An interview between Mathias Rosenzweig and the dynamic duo, Pall and Taggart, is an excellent place to start the journey. It covers all the basics. And, it delves into topics that are classic yet cutting edge at the same time. These are the same qualities found in the music that Paul and Taggart create as the Chainsmokers.

It is most appropriate and interesting that creative expression and a passion for art brought these two together. Really good networking and proper channels also had a hand in the introduction. But like all really good collaborations, who can really say that they saw The Chainsmokers coming? As a matter of fact, Alex Pall remembers knowing right off the bat that he and Taggart both brought a certain “something” to the table.

When the chemistry is right between partners who can say how long something takes? But, the progression regarding the origins of the Chainsmokers follows a common and natural order. Energy flows into ideas, which is followed by communication. And then, commitment and execution do the rest. From there, it is simply a matter of 10-hour days and steady achievement before real momentum comes into play.

Of course a couple of smash hits and smart team-ups do not hurt a band’s recognition. Basically, it all comes down to doing what you want to produce artistic expression and knowing who is interested in your products. Paul is adept at this, thanks to the modern advancement of social media.


A piece of advice for start ups; William Saito

Across Japan, he is known to support startup companies and serving the government of Japan as an advisor to various ministries on issues concerning cybersecurity. William Saito was born in 1971, in LA. After receiving high school education, he joined the University of California, Riverside Biomedical Science Program from 1988 to 1992. At a young age, Saito developed a passion for technology. It eventually turned out to the gear that changed the course of his life for the better. In campus, he started I/O Software through which he developed a software that could display Japanese characters in English, used by Sony. After some software development, Microsoft offered to partner with I/O Software on many technology projects for around for years. After the partnership, Microsoft fully acquired I/O software from Saito.

William has a vast experience in technology development, entrepreneurship, program management and security. His expertise is from serving the japans government as a cybersecurity advisor in the various ministries, a strategic advisor for Japan Airlines, a member of a number task force in the government and also private investment companies. In 2001, he was recognized as a Young Global Leader during World Economic Forum. William Saito has continuously been addressing issues concerning startups.


In a recent article on Analyst of Finance, Saito extensively offers advice to startups on various ways that could help secure a better future for their ideas. He points out that marketing and branding is no option for any startup. It essentials that brand message reaches your target audience. Hence, entrepreneurs should heavily invest in marketing. Explain to the customers why your product is worth buying, what your product aims at satisfying. Capital has been a significant concern for many startups, on this Saito advice that entrepreneurs should consider working with less initial capital to minimize potential risk. Embracing diversity as another strategy that works in helping grow an idea into a real business. It brings along brilliant ideas that can be incorporated into the startup. It also creates a sense of equality.

It is also vital that your business matches your values. Let employees uphold these values. Values will determine what employees and customers you attract. Most importantly, take risks and always seek to be the best. Find ways to expand your market and improve your product otherwise; your competitor will overtake you. Embracing failure and working on your weaknesses is the key.




Kamil Idris Talks About The Intellectual Property Rights Challenges Faced By The United States And China As A Result Of Similar Products

Kamil Idris is known for having an incredible amount of knowledge when it comes to the field of intellectual property rights. As the former leader of the World Intellectual Property Organization, he has an incredible amount of knowledge and skill when it comes to the field and the workings behind it. Because of the knowledge that he possesses about this topic, he regularly posts articles about different aspects of the topic. One of the recent articles that he published was about the United States and the route that they are now taking to combat the problem of patent theft that they are facing with China.


Small-scale industries are known to produce replicas of products often and resell them in global markets, either at full price or lowered rates. Over the past few years, some businesses within the United States have gone bankrupt as a result of the knockoffs of their products that were being made by Chinese manufacturers and sold at lowered rates. Even if the American brands are in possession of a valid patent, the Chinese manufacturers are still making almost identical products and selling them, thereby reaping the profits that also come along with them.


Because of this permanent problem, the Trump Administration has decided to take a few steps to tackle the issues that are faced as a result of these products. One of the first steps that the United States Government is taking is to increase the tax on products that are entering the country from China. The government hopes that this would discourage Chinese manufacturers from sending their products to American markets, thereby allowing businesses from within the country itself to flourish. The overall aim is to pressurize the Chinese manufacturers into entirely avoiding American markets, thus once again giving power to the countries therein.


At the same time, Kamil Idris noted how Chinese manufacturers are fighting back, claiming that the allegations of intellectual property theft of American products are false. Dr. Idris pointed out how in the past, China was known for producing some products that were fake, but over the years, the companies have developed and improved, leading to products that are unique and genuine. Many Chinese brands are dominating international markets, and most of this has been as a result of innovation that has taken place. This has led to Chinese manufacturers trying to enforce their intellectual property rights before the American brands to retain control of the markets.



O2pur; An Example Of Change In The Cigarette Production

Electronic cigarettes are growing to be common and more preferred in some areas as an alternative to the traditional cigarettes. Therefore, the selection of good quality e-cigarettes is essential. For a person to select a suitable and consistent electronic cigarette, it is good to focus on a company that is reliable such as O2pur. The company is technologically equipped to make high-quality e-cigarettes. The cigarettes made in the company are uniquely made containing several components namely, the tank, the liquid and a battery. The formation of the cigarette ensures the users find it convenient and comfortable for use.

Just as technology evolves, so does the use of items such as cigarettes. Therefore, O2pur is a company that is equipped and evolves according to the needs of the people. It works with staff members who are committed and skilled so that the catering of the needs of the customers is made easier. For this reason, the company is reliable in the production of e-cigarettes.

Just as the saying, one man’s meat is another man’s poison, so does the variety exist among the e-cigarette customers. People have different preferences regarding convenience, flavor and even the cost. O2pur is dependable in all these factors. This is because it provides different varieties of e-cigarettes. It produces e-cigarettes that are of acceptable prices. The costs make customers from different backgrounds afford to purchase them. It is one of the companies to select as they provide various flavors catering for the different preferences of the customers. Some of the flavors they provide include vegetable glycerine, glycol, and propylene among others.

Other than being cost-effective and of various flavors, the company provides e-cigarettes that are convenient regarding production and use. In the production sector, O2pur uses a well- equipped and technologically advanced method to produce the cigarettes. The customers who use the e-cigarettes from the company have less to worry about. This is because the company ensures that their e-cigarettes are accommodative and are less hazardous to the environment.

Day by day technology advances making the company also to improve and modify their structures to catch up with the changes. Therefore, it has started to strategize on the production of box mods which are growing popular among the users. Box mods are created to ensure maximum use of the cigarettes by the users and more comfortability. The company plans to accommodate more customers. Hence, it plans on providing box mods which are of a diverse range. They estimate they will produce box mods which have watts ranging from 40 watts to slightly above 200watts. This will make it possible for different people to purchase e-cigarettes that bring personal satisfaction from the flavor, quality and even the possible charges present.

William Saito and the Japanese-American entrepreneurial spirit

William Saito is a well-known Japanese-American entrepreneur in the cyber security field. Born to a Japanese family, he and his family moved to America permanently when he was two years old. After graduating from a Biomedical Science Program at the University of California, William served the government in civil service jobs for much of his life but moved forward and found success in the private sector. Following a 6-fold approach to business, focusing on ideas, competition, vision, success, marketing, and planning, he helps start-ups reach their ultimate goals in cyber security.

With a focus in team building, encryption, IoT, and networking, William Saito made a name for himself in the world of cybersecurity. He served at the pleasure of the Cabinet Office of Japan. Additionally, William acted as CEO for a Tokyo based consulting firm. As CEO, William was ultimately responsible for the consulting business as a whole, and navigated it through his specialties in leadership development, product development, business progression, and team building.

William has a passion for politics and intergovernmental communication processes. Mr. Saito believes that a well-designed business plan is an essential tool for managing shared accountability between corporate parties. He encourages using the business plan as a tool for evaluating and monitoring a business’ progress in its field. As an active member of the start-up community, he is able to understand the latest trends in cybersecurity.

Much of his career has been mediating communication between governmental and non-governmental entities. William’s experience in the fields of executive management, risk management, global corporate strategy, and community management proved essential to give his clients the leg up that would make them successful in their individual fields. His emphasis and technological skill, specifically in IT strategy, advertising strategy, networking, and encryption created significant value for his clients.


At 47 years old, Mr. Saito’s future in cyber security is likely just beginning. Ensuring business security is one of his specialties, and William Saito’s software development, encryption, and networking skills all play an essential role in his strategy for ensuring positive outcomes for companies and entities that he works with and advises.

How Sean Penn wrote His Latest Novel

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a book that tells the story many people have dealt with in their lives. Even those who have not been directly affected by problems like the ones in Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff can relate to the book because of how Sean Penn created it for everyone to understand. He knew there were elements in the story that would make people concerned about the issues going on but he also knew these issues needed addressed. For Sean Penn, writing Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was a chance to show people how things could turn out if they didn’t put a stop to different issues in the world around them. He wanted everyone to continue seeing him as a serious writer who was doing everything he could to help people understand those issues.

Between helping people see the positive parts of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff and showing them what it meant to continue helping others with the book opportunities they had, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff gave Sean Penn the chance to keep helping others, like his philanthropy work in Haiti. He always wanted people to have a good understanding of the positive experiences and that’s what made it easier for everyone to give people the chance at a better life that they could understand better. For Sean Penn, the book helped him make sure he was doing everything the right way for other people.

Between helping others and giving back to them, Sean Penn knew what it meant to keep creating positive opportunities. He also knew things needed to change no matter what issues people dealt with or what they were doing in different situations. Sean Penn always wanted others to realize they could get more from the situations they were in and from the political issues that were affecting people in other ways. Sean Penn liked showing people how they could make a difference and using the Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff book helped him make sure everyone saw what he could do.




Jason Hope – Philanthropists and Entrepreneur

Jason Hope has always had a passion for giving back, currently he is strongly focused on how to make big changes in the aging process. He is originally from Scottsdale, AZ and has his degrees from Arizona State and Carey School of Business. His educational background is in finance, but he is very passionate about technology. He believes that the current medicinal approach to aging needs to change, and he has dedicated funds to help researchers find a better approach.

Everyone knows that aging is a part of the cycle of life; it is inevitable for any living creature or being to live without growing old. With age comes also changes within our bodies. Sometimes those changes are life-threatening and/or life changing. In today’s world of technological advances medicine has helped to improve or ease the pains of growing old. But Jason Hope feels that there is still more that can be done in regards to medicine and aging. He feels that medicine should not only treat, but prevent some of these age old diseases that cripple aging individuals lives and lifestyle.

Jason Hope wants to ensure that researchers have the necessary means to find ways to help reverse or slow down the aging process. He is aiding researchers that are interested in finding ways to accomplish this task and fight the process of aging for everyone around the globe. Jason Hope has participated in funding the organization SENS Foundation for several years. SENS Foundation’s primary focus is aiding people with find technological advances that combat aging and an approach to preventing diseases that come along with it. The SENS Foundation is one of several organizations using biotechnological research in the war against aging.

Jason Hope’s giving spirit does not stop with funding research, he also gives back to education. Hope gives to non-profit organizations to help people in his community and around the world. He believes in not only finding a solution to the aging process, but educating the public on aging. He also helps students attending college by funding educational grants and grants for projects focusing on technological and medicinal advances. He is a long time supporter of the Boys and Girls Club, Tech for America, and many other organizations.

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