William Saito and the Japanese-American entrepreneurial spirit

William Saito is a well-known Japanese-American entrepreneur in the cyber security field. Born to a Japanese family, he and his family moved to America permanently when he was two years old. After graduating from a Biomedical Science Program at the University of California, William served the government in civil service jobs for much of his life but moved forward and found success in the private sector. Following a 6-fold approach to business, focusing on ideas, competition, vision, success, marketing, and planning, he helps start-ups reach their ultimate goals in cyber security.

With a focus in team building, encryption, IoT, and networking, William Saito made a name for himself in the world of cybersecurity. He served at the pleasure of the Cabinet Office of Japan. Additionally, William acted as CEO for a Tokyo based consulting firm. As CEO, William was ultimately responsible for the consulting business as a whole, and navigated it through his specialties in leadership development, product development, business progression, and team building.

William has a passion for politics and intergovernmental communication processes. Mr. Saito believes that a well-designed business plan is an essential tool for managing shared accountability between corporate parties. He encourages using the business plan as a tool for evaluating and monitoring a business’ progress in its field. As an active member of the start-up community, he is able to understand the latest trends in cybersecurity.

Much of his career has been mediating communication between governmental and non-governmental entities. William’s experience in the fields of executive management, risk management, global corporate strategy, and community management proved essential to give his clients the leg up that would make them successful in their individual fields. His emphasis and technological skill, specifically in IT strategy, advertising strategy, networking, and encryption created significant value for his clients.


At 47 years old, Mr. Saito’s future in cyber security is likely just beginning. Ensuring business security is one of his specialties, and William Saito’s software development, encryption, and networking skills all play an essential role in his strategy for ensuring positive outcomes for companies and entities that he works with and advises.

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