Kamil Idris Talks About The Intellectual Property Rights Challenges Faced By The United States And China As A Result Of Similar Products

Kamil Idris is known for having an incredible amount of knowledge when it comes to the field of intellectual property rights. As the former leader of the World Intellectual Property Organization, he has an incredible amount of knowledge and skill when it comes to the field and the workings behind it. Because of the knowledge that he possesses about this topic, he regularly posts articles about different aspects of the topic. One of the recent articles that he published was about the United States and the route that they are now taking to combat the problem of patent theft that they are facing with China.


Small-scale industries are known to produce replicas of products often and resell them in global markets, either at full price or lowered rates. Over the past few years, some businesses within the United States have gone bankrupt as a result of the knockoffs of their products that were being made by Chinese manufacturers and sold at lowered rates. Even if the American brands are in possession of a valid patent, the Chinese manufacturers are still making almost identical products and selling them, thereby reaping the profits that also come along with them.


Because of this permanent problem, the Trump Administration has decided to take a few steps to tackle the issues that are faced as a result of these products. One of the first steps that the United States Government is taking is to increase the tax on products that are entering the country from China. The government hopes that this would discourage Chinese manufacturers from sending their products to American markets, thereby allowing businesses from within the country itself to flourish. The overall aim is to pressurize the Chinese manufacturers into entirely avoiding American markets, thus once again giving power to the countries therein.


At the same time, Kamil Idris noted how Chinese manufacturers are fighting back, claiming that the allegations of intellectual property theft of American products are false. Dr. Idris pointed out how in the past, China was known for producing some products that were fake, but over the years, the companies have developed and improved, leading to products that are unique and genuine. Many Chinese brands are dominating international markets, and most of this has been as a result of innovation that has taken place. This has led to Chinese manufacturers trying to enforce their intellectual property rights before the American brands to retain control of the markets.



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