Jorge Moll Quest of Understanding Human Morality

Jorge Moll is one of the most influential entrepreneurs in Brazil. He runs a series of Hospitals which are making a huge impact for Brazilians today. He and his family have been on the forefront of making life better for millions of Brazilians through the medical services offered at the independent hospitals. Jorge owns the majority of shares in the Rede D’Or Sao Luiz. He started the business in 1997 and has since brought in the family to help him run the company. The company also has stakeholders like the Carlyle Group, GIC and Grupo BTG who joined in 2010 and 2015. The company runs a total of 35 private hospitals, with over 5000 beds.

In the past recent events, Jorge Moll has been actively involved in the research of uncovering the basis of human morality. The Neuroscientist raised some rather interesting issues on how brain psychology directly affects human morality and altruism. The research was conducted by both Neuroscientist Jorge Moll and colleague Jordan Graham. The research involved presenting the participants with scenarios where they were required to either donate money to charity or keep the money to themselves. The neuroscientist would then scan the brains of participants during both scenarios.

The findings were rather interesting. Jorge and Partner Jordan found out that a primitive part of the brain was activated when the participants made a decision that benefited others instead of themselves. The findings proposed a case where morality and altruism were not based on ethical thinking of the higher mind but rather allied to parts of the brain that are wired to the human pleasure reactions. Jorge and Jordan research, in other words, was pointing out human reasons for benevolence acts as the ability of the acts to make humans feel good.

The findings received various support theories from instances where spiritual leaders and philosophers. They pointed out acts of kindness and generosity as a way of living a more fulfilled life. Among the studies done by neuroscientist Jorge, this was one of the most outstanding that people all over the world could relate with. Jorge continues to grow in his career as a neuroscientist and he is constantly conducting new research on human Morality and actions.

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