The Amazing Contactless Payment Is Here With Us Courtesy of PSI-Pay

From various done by PSI Pay and its partner Kerv Wearables, over 50% of the purchases made in Britain usually involve credit cards. This is a great indication that the world is already becoming cashless. The next level of advancement is to go contactless and this will mean saying goodbye to carrying digital wallets, remembering some PIN numbers, carrying huge sums of money, and increased privacy. This wave and pay wearables to come in form of rings, bangles, watches, pins, and jewelry among others.

PSI-Pay is a Fintech company that’s based in the United Kingdom which provides digital accounts and consequently payment card facilities to the global market. Kerv is the leading company in innovating alternative payments methods. The Managing Director of PSI-Pay, Phil Davies, expresses their excitement to be working with this innovative company in alternative payment scope, Kerv. According to Phil Campbell, Kerv Founder, they are not only into banking industry but also in transport, access control, and information sharing.

These two companies have combined their efforts to launch this payment alternative. PSI-Pay is well staffed with qualified professionals who have vast experience in banking industry specifically alternative banking. The company has been in operation since 2007 and has been continually committed to providing their customers with services based on transparency, efficiency and also clarity. After the FCA license in 2011, now the company has expanded its wing not only in European Union but also in more than 173 countries globally in over 44 currencies.

No doubt that PSI Pay contactless payment is the future where every person wants to step into especially the millennials who have become very impatient with queues. We are in a generation of fast food and that means everything else must be first. With this contactless and cashless payment, a retail transaction will be completed within seconds thus start saying goodbye to long queues. No need to worry about security since the two companies have employed awesome measures making the payment method very safe.

Currently, various charitable organizations, supermarkets, and big retailers have already evolved to contactless payment. The method is becoming popular by day giving higher rates of profits to its users. When it comes to the transport industry, especially public transportation, PSI Pay and Kerv wearables will reduce the long lines of waiting for paper tickets. Sweden is determined to be the first city in the world to go cashless and soon cash will not be in use in this country. The future is here, just step onto the train.

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