Herbalife Sports Sponsorship Story

Herbalife is a very well known nutritional company that has been around for many years. Just recently Herbalife has been talked about a lot because they just announced that they will be sponsoring Jonathan Dos Santos. The sponsorship will last several years and will help Jonathan Dos Santos be able to perform to his best ability while on the field. In a recent article, Herbalife explained that they are very excited to be able to have the opportunity to work with Jonathan Dos Santos. They also explained that the reason as to why they chose Jonathan Dos Santos was because through out his soccer career, they have noticed that he is a young man who is very determined in his career and who is also very determined when it comes to his nutrition, his health and his fitness.

This is something that Herbalife is also committed to doing. Herbalife enjoys being able to help out others join the nutritional family and help them start their nutrition journey. Due to this sponsorship that was just signed, Jonathan Dos Santos will be able to have access to all of the Herbalife products so that he can be able to have the best sports ability when he is playing and competing in the field. Jonathan Dos Santos explains that he is very fortunate to have been chosen for this sponsorship because this sponsorship will be able to do more than only help him. This sponsorship will be able to help promote the products that Herbalife has and helps others be able to be more aware of their nutrition. This sponsorship will be able to help many people start their nutrition program and also help both Herbalife and Jonathan Dos Santos grow as a partnership to tackle on this new venture.


Herbalife Made A Big Move By Signing Jonathan Dos Santos

Herbalife has just announced signing Jonathan Dos Santos to a sports nutrition sponsorship. This means Herbalife will get their products out to a larger audience, specifically in the sports arena, and Santos will generate a higher income by marketing himself and his potential product. This deal will continue through the 2021 MLS (Major League Soccer) season.

After getting accepted for this deal, Jonathan dos Santos is officially a partner with Herbalife, which gives him access to the company’s Herbalife 24 line. This means free products for profit when they are sold. This line focuses primarily on producing high-quality sports performance products that helps the body perform better during strenuous movements. The most important one is the NSF Certified for Sport® because it helps Santos optimize his performance on the field and play better.

Santos was first exposed to the Herbalife products at the LA Galaxy partners lounge. Since he already uses the Herbalife24 Rebuild Strength® at the beginning of the day for breakfast when preparing for his workouts, this sparked the interest of Herbalife to recruit him for marketing purposes. Since then, he has worked with the development team on a new shake called “Banana Sunrise”, which uses a recipe that he created himself. He even made a video breaking down the preparation process of the shake in greater detail.

The ingredients for the shake are as follows:

  • 2 scoops of the Herbalife 24®.
  • 1/2 cup of water.
  • 1/2 cup of orange juice.
  • 1/2 cup of bananas.
  • 1/2 cup of ice.

Blend it together and you have a delicious shake!

This shake will give you the nutritional benefits below:

  • 10 grams of protein.
  • 198 grams of calories.
  • 1 gram of fat.
  • 40 grams of carbohydrates.

The perfect morning blend for a healthy shake!

Herbalife is a global nutrition company attempting to make the world a healthy place. This company focuses on creating nutrition programs and products that enhance people lives. Committed to fighting obesity and other health related illnesses, Herbalife provides coaching and community outreach support and health management. Distributing products throughout 90 countries, this company sponsors 190 world-class athletes, including Jonathan dos Santos.

The Gaming Industry Will Help Expand Cryptocurrency

OPSkins is a leading company that specializes in the sale of in game virtual assets. Its chief of information officer Malcolm CasSelle is a key contributor to helping the company establish itself as a leading bitcoin merchant in the world. With a number of followers throughout the world who make micro payments, OPSkins is in position to become a leader in a decentralized consumer market. Despite being a leader in virtual assets, it has limitations regarding its technology and technical capabilities. As a result, the company will look to take steps in becoming a leader in virtual assets in the decentralized market in the near future.

In an effort to make progress towards becoming a leader in virtual assets in the decentralized markets, OPSKins will look to launch a new platform known as WAX (Worldwide Asset Exchange). This new entity will become the main platform of virtual asset trading. With WAX, there will be a P2P marketplace for individuals to trade virtual assets. They will be able to take advantage of blockchain and contracts that will improve the efficiency of trading between buyers and sellers.

WAX will likely address two of the most notable problems in virtual asset trading. These problems are fragmentation and fraud. In order to address these concerns, the program will use a simple blackchain enabled widget that will allow users to instantly buy or sell virtual items. They will be able to do this without ever having to click out of a particular transaction.

The individual who has helped devise WAX is Malcolm CasSelle. He is an entrepreneur and chief information technology officer of the company OPSkins. Malcom is also the president of Worldwide Asset Exchange. Before he joined OPSkins, he worked as the chief technology officer and President of the company known as Tronic Incorporated. He also worked at SeaChange International as both the Vice President and General Manager. In 2015, he joined the company and helped it complete the acquisition of Timeline Labs where he was the company’s chief executive officer. Prior to holding these positions, Malcom would start up a number of digital industry companies that include Xfire, Tencent and MediaPass.

CasSelle attended college to seek a higher education before starting his career. He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he would complete a bachelor’s degree in computer science. After working for a few years, he would then pursue a master’s degree in the field at Stanford University. Malcolm would go on to complete the master’s degree in computer science. Along with having impressive educational credentials, Malcolm also speaks Japanese and Mandarin Chinese.

Find out more about Malcolm CasSelle: https://twitter.com/malcolmcasselle?lang=en


Cybersecurity Expert William Saito & His Achievements

William Siato is one of the top cybersecurity experts in the world, and he has worked for some of the most prominent organizations. The Los Angeles-native has always had a burning passion for technology since a very young age. While he was in elementary school, Siato started programming computers, but who knew that this talent would blossom into such huge success. William Saito just so happened to be the eldest of three children, and he was born in 1971 to a Japanese-American couple. After graduating from Damien High School, he would go on to attend the University of California at Riverside.

When it comes to Japan’s tech-revival, few individuals have played a more prominent role than Siato. He has spent copious amounts of time as well as spent copious amounts of money in a plethora of tech businesses. Many of the businesses have gone on to become a success in their own rights. Tech-startup businesses have become very popular over time, but at one point in time, they were considered to be a novelty. Oh how times have changed. Saito has invested in 25 tech-related businesses. The man has founded a capital venture firm that’s known as Tecur. This particular company identifies and consults with up-and-coming startups in IT. In 2005, this brilliant-thinker relocated to the big city of Tokyo, Japan. This is the place to where he would make a huge name for himself. He had already sold one of his previous companies to Microsoft before moving abroad.

Cybersecurity became his forte for the moment, and he definitely ushered in a new era of standards. His cybersecurity solutions were very great, which made them very sought-after. Before too long, William Siato would go on to work exclusively with the Prime Minister of Japan, would serve as the Chief Technological Advisor for the Fukushima Nuclear Plant and would go on to publish numerous tech-related publications.




Digital Campaigning with NGP VAN

NGP Van can well be described as a privately owned web hosting and data web organization which has a primary mandate of delivering their services to the American Democratic Party. The database firm has been supporting the Democratic Party campaigns, and also other campaigns organized by non-profit organizations as authorized by the Democratic Party. The NGP Van platform has been providing space for both political and social fundraising, campaign compliance, field organizing, as well as the digital organization. NGP Van Inc was created in 2001, and it was formally known as Voter Activation Network before changing their name in January 2011. NGP Van has been operating from their Head Offices based in Washington, District of Columbia.

NGP Van was in the front line in organizing campaigns for the former United States of America President Barack Obama as well as Elizabeth Warren who is a Senator. The campaign support firm has been offering their hand to leaders with a vision, those who want to change the world with their ideas as well as activities in areas of concern including climate change and education among others. The group has been empowering other organizations regardless of their size with a mission of touching the hearts and minds of their supporters. In 2016 NGP Van also supported Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Besides their fundraising for political campaigns as well non-profit organization, NGP Van has also been celebrating women, and they recently organized “Day Without A Woman” with a purpose of celebrating women in their organization.

NGP Van has been showing extra efforts in a world that are struggling with diversity by recognizing women and their contributions in the workplace as well as giving back to the women. Their participation in the International Day for Day Without A Woman NGP Van reassures the world of their progressive values as well as their trust in gender justice. As a software firm, NGP Van took the initiative to participate in celebrating women as a way of promoting values of equality in the workplace. It is evident that politicians are using the power of data analytics to understand their voters, and this is precisely what NGP Van has been doing by developing tools which help their clients to know more about their supporters as well as voters. NGP has also recognized about Lesbians, gay, queer, transgender, as well as bisexual and they have developed properties in their software which are LBGTQ amiable.