Digital Campaigning with NGP VAN

NGP Van can well be described as a privately owned web hosting and data web organization which has a primary mandate of delivering their services to the American Democratic Party. The database firm has been supporting the Democratic Party campaigns, and also other campaigns organized by non-profit organizations as authorized by the Democratic Party. The NGP Van platform has been providing space for both political and social fundraising, campaign compliance, field organizing, as well as the digital organization. NGP Van Inc was created in 2001, and it was formally known as Voter Activation Network before changing their name in January 2011. NGP Van has been operating from their Head Offices based in Washington, District of Columbia.

NGP Van was in the front line in organizing campaigns for the former United States of America President Barack Obama as well as Elizabeth Warren who is a Senator. The campaign support firm has been offering their hand to leaders with a vision, those who want to change the world with their ideas as well as activities in areas of concern including climate change and education among others. The group has been empowering other organizations regardless of their size with a mission of touching the hearts and minds of their supporters. In 2016 NGP Van also supported Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Besides their fundraising for political campaigns as well non-profit organization, NGP Van has also been celebrating women, and they recently organized “Day Without A Woman” with a purpose of celebrating women in their organization.

NGP Van has been showing extra efforts in a world that are struggling with diversity by recognizing women and their contributions in the workplace as well as giving back to the women. Their participation in the International Day for Day Without A Woman NGP Van reassures the world of their progressive values as well as their trust in gender justice. As a software firm, NGP Van took the initiative to participate in celebrating women as a way of promoting values of equality in the workplace. It is evident that politicians are using the power of data analytics to understand their voters, and this is precisely what NGP Van has been doing by developing tools which help their clients to know more about their supporters as well as voters. NGP has also recognized about Lesbians, gay, queer, transgender, as well as bisexual and they have developed properties in their software which are LBGTQ amiable.

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