The Gaming Industry Will Help Expand Cryptocurrency

OPSkins is a leading company that specializes in the sale of in game virtual assets. Its chief of information officer Malcolm CasSelle is a key contributor to helping the company establish itself as a leading bitcoin merchant in the world. With a number of followers throughout the world who make micro payments, OPSkins is in position to become a leader in a decentralized consumer market. Despite being a leader in virtual assets, it has limitations regarding its technology and technical capabilities. As a result, the company will look to take steps in becoming a leader in virtual assets in the decentralized market in the near future.

In an effort to make progress towards becoming a leader in virtual assets in the decentralized markets, OPSKins will look to launch a new platform known as WAX (Worldwide Asset Exchange). This new entity will become the main platform of virtual asset trading. With WAX, there will be a P2P marketplace for individuals to trade virtual assets. They will be able to take advantage of blockchain and contracts that will improve the efficiency of trading between buyers and sellers.

WAX will likely address two of the most notable problems in virtual asset trading. These problems are fragmentation and fraud. In order to address these concerns, the program will use a simple blackchain enabled widget that will allow users to instantly buy or sell virtual items. They will be able to do this without ever having to click out of a particular transaction.

The individual who has helped devise WAX is Malcolm CasSelle. He is an entrepreneur and chief information technology officer of the company OPSkins. Malcom is also the president of Worldwide Asset Exchange. Before he joined OPSkins, he worked as the chief technology officer and President of the company known as Tronic Incorporated. He also worked at SeaChange International as both the Vice President and General Manager. In 2015, he joined the company and helped it complete the acquisition of Timeline Labs where he was the company’s chief executive officer. Prior to holding these positions, Malcom would start up a number of digital industry companies that include Xfire, Tencent and MediaPass.

CasSelle attended college to seek a higher education before starting his career. He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he would complete a bachelor’s degree in computer science. After working for a few years, he would then pursue a master’s degree in the field at Stanford University. Malcolm would go on to complete the master’s degree in computer science. Along with having impressive educational credentials, Malcolm also speaks Japanese and Mandarin Chinese.

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