Herbalife Sports Sponsorship Story

Herbalife is a very well known nutritional company that has been around for many years. Just recently Herbalife has been talked about a lot because they just announced that they will be sponsoring Jonathan Dos Santos. The sponsorship will last several years and will help Jonathan Dos Santos be able to perform to his best ability while on the field. In a recent article, Herbalife explained that they are very excited to be able to have the opportunity to work with Jonathan Dos Santos. They also explained that the reason as to why they chose Jonathan Dos Santos was because through out his soccer career, they have noticed that he is a young man who is very determined in his career and who is also very determined when it comes to his nutrition, his health and his fitness.

This is something that Herbalife is also committed to doing. Herbalife enjoys being able to help out others join the nutritional family and help them start their nutrition journey. Due to this sponsorship that was just signed, Jonathan Dos Santos will be able to have access to all of the Herbalife products so that he can be able to have the best sports ability when he is playing and competing in the field. Jonathan Dos Santos explains that he is very fortunate to have been chosen for this sponsorship because this sponsorship will be able to do more than only help him. This sponsorship will be able to help promote the products that Herbalife has and helps others be able to be more aware of their nutrition. This sponsorship will be able to help many people start their nutrition program and also help both Herbalife and Jonathan Dos Santos grow as a partnership to tackle on this new venture.


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