Robert Deignan Is A True Entrepreneur Who Is Helping People Through His Remote Digital Services Company

Robert Deignan has never been one to shy away from a challenge, and he has made it his business to help other people with their digital problems. He was born in Florida and graduated from Purdue University with a Organizational Leadership Degree. He played with the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins for a brief time during the late 1990’s but decided to get into the world of business eventually. His first business venture was Fanlink, Inc., which he helped to co-found, but he eventually helped to put together the company, ATS Digital Services. There, he serves CEO and helps his company to offer digital support to those in need.

Robert Deignan believes that one of the habits he has that makes him an effective entrepreneur is that he is always analyzing the numbers. He feels that he should not be wasting his time on useless pursuits if he wants his business to succeed, and so he works to maximize every opportunity that is handed to him. While ideas feed the beginning of a successful business, Deignan holds that digging into the numbers is really where success is found. By looking at hard data, it is easier to discover where changes can be made or where something can be utilized better than it is currently.

Robert Deignan is excited by the fact that an increasing amount of home users are coming around to accept the benefits of remote technologies that can help them to fix issues with their computers. Instead of remaining frustrated with issues like slow speed, malware, or other problems related to their computer, people are beginning to realize that they can get right from home. The great thing about remote service is that users can shut it off at any point if something isn’t feeling right. Robert Deignan hopes that people; however, will understand more and more that if they work with a reputable company, such as his own, that they will not have to worry about security issues. He has also expressed that remote digital services can take a lot less time out of a person’s day when compared to how long it takes to bring their computer to a physical location to have it fixed.

With Nevo, Jeunesse Global squares off against biggest names in nutrition

Jeunesse Global has made waves as one of the newest and fastest-growing companies in the global health and beauty industry. Founded in 2009 by direct-selling industry pioneers Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse Global has grown into a worldwide juggernaut of health and beauty products.

Ray and Lewis had long been fixtures on the North American direct-selling scene. Millionaires by the age of 30, the couple had been responsible for founding some of the most successful startups in the space, making millions and creating products and business models that are still part of the industry’s backbone today.

But as they approached their 70th birthdays, Ray and Lewis realized that they still had goals that they wanted to accomplish. The couple had been rich for decades, having more money than they knew how to spend. So, it was not the accumulation of further wealth that drove Ray and Lewis to found Jeunesse Global. Rather, it was a desire to leave a lasting legacy for the world, creating life-changing and revolutionary products that would help people to reach their health and beauty goals while also spreading real economic opportunity throughout the world through one of the best business plans ever devised in the direct-selling industry.

This philosophy is still reflected in the company’s thousands of successful distributors and its more than a dozen highly innovative products. One of those products is the company’s energy drink. Known as Nevo, the drink is an all-natural answer to the often hyper-synthetic energy drinks that currently dominate the market.

Made with totally natural ingredients, Nevo comes in four great-tasting flavors. These are peach mango, lemon ginger, acai grape and mixed berry. Users often describe the drink’s taste as being more akin to freshly squeezed fruit juice than to other energy drinks. And Nevo provides a clean energy high without the precipitous and jittery crash that is so often associated with other energy drink brands.

Nevo is just one of many products that makes up the Jeunesse Global Youth Enhancement System, the primary means by which the company is creating the conditions for the arrival of Generation Young.

The Innovative Anti-aging Expert Dr. Dov Rand

Dr. Dov Rand is a licensed Bioidentical Hormone specialist in West Orange New York and the co-founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers. The centers help people who fight age-related troubles find solutions using scientifically researched and proved techniques. The age-related disturbances include fatigue, night sweats, depression, menopause, mood disorders, weight gain, hot flashes, poor memory, anxiety, insomnia, and low libido among others. Their services are also of high quality, and they use regenerative medicine. Their services are weight loss programs like the HGC diet, IV Nutrient Therapy, anti-aging therapies, and regenerative medical treatments. Dr. Dov innovated these programs and used advanced procedures in ensuring that his patients get the very best. He also has a patient education process that gives one the needed information about the treatment so that they can be able to participate fully as a member of his wellness team. Dr. Johanan is very skilled and experienced in this field as he got his medical training at the Albert Einstein medical center in New York and that is why his patients trust him. He has more than fifteen years in this practice.

The doctor deals with each patient accordingly. He combines the dietary adjustments, physical and hormonal therapy to restore the optimum body balance. This approach is of use for both acute and chronic cases because he focuses on the root of the problem. The drop or increase in hormonal levels in old age is a cause of most diseases, and that is why he always seeks to restore the hormonal levels as the first step in treatment. In old age, two hormones that increase are harmful to one’s health. They are Insulin, which stores fat, and Cortisol, which is a stress hormone. The good hormones that drop include estrogen, human growth hormone, DHEA, testosterone, and thyroid. Dr. Dov Rand’s treatment approach has received a lot of positive feedback as the patients have seen improvement in their conditions. His work is exceptional as he has given hope to his patients and they are more energetic and ready to enjoy life.

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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Helps Dr. Johanan Rand Heal Patients

Stansberry Research provides helpful information and readily available resources to its readers and subscribers based on their well-crafted research and financial insights.

Stansberry Research, LLC., an investment research company and subscription-based publisher, provides newsletters and software to their customers. Stansberry Research provides recommendations. opinions, and strategies in monthly, and bi-monthly publications. Stansberry Research, which also provides important software to its clients, stakeholders, and customers, is a privately held firm. Stansberry Research has offices in Florida, California, and Oregon — its headquarters are located in Baltimore, Md.


Stansberry provides commentary, editorials, and opinions on news affecting the financial sphere, both domestically, and globally. Stansberry constantly writes about the continually available opportunities available to that are provided in the Stansberry publications for those potential Forex traders and stock traders.


Stansberry Research Premier Services provide an assortment of different options. Some of these include Specialized Investment Research, Complete Portfolio Solutions, Macro-Level Services, as well as other free services like Health & Wealth Bulletin, Daily Wealth, The Crux, and Stansberry’s Investor Hour Podcast.


As noted on Stansberry’s website, their company has an experienced collection of analysts — ones who bring their own style and uniqueness in terms of philosophies and strategies. This uniqueness helps drive Stansberry’s franchises and their brands. Stansberry Research believes strongly in having accountability and transparency as a company.


Stansberry also believes in delivering unparalleled customer service and no-risk subscriptions for their subscribership base. Stansberry Research, their company newsletter, delivers helpful information for its subscribers. Standberry’s newsletter gives keen insights into key areas like cryptocurrency, speculative investing, and more. Today, Stansberry Research has approximately 500 thousand subscribers, globally, and a lifetime subscriber base of 70 thousand. Stansberry Research has built up its subscriber base since the company’s inception in 1999.


One of the top employees at Stansberry Research company is also the editor of their S&A Resource Report. Matt Badiali’s report covers niche areas for those investors who are looking to invest in natural resources like metals. Matt Badiali fits Stansberry’s needs as a subject matter expert who understands oil, gas, and metals. At Penn State University, Badiali earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Earth Sciences. He also earned a master’s degree in Geology from Florida Atlantic University.

Beamridge Is Privileged To Have Lee May On Board

Since its inception in 2013 by a group of directors who had great experience in construction, Beamridge has not ceased to offer their clients quality services and products which are fully warranted and insured. The management team is made of great professionals that have made the public have confidence and trust in the company. The cost-effective deliveries that it gives its clients which have always exceeded the expectations of their customers have made it one of the most sought-after companies.

Beamridge which was previously known as FS Contracting Ltd is ISO certified after achieving ISO accreditations 9001, 14001 and 18001, CQMS, Safecontractor, and Chaos. The focus and approach this leader in construction has been on creating a sustainable environment which is Injury Free. They also focus on policies of waste management in every project they embark on. Investing in their esteemed clients, they are confident to offer Design & Build, Commercial and Residential construction services having enhanced their infrastructure, services, and their client base.

In handy with their construction projects, they are also involved in raising funds in an event called Charity Boxing. The event has been getting fancier every year where some renowned boxers and fans have been showing up including Lee May, boxing teams, and various women boxers. The funds raised have been supporting Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club which has improved its training and also supports some children hospice like Demelza Children Hospice, Ellenor Hospice among others.

Lee May is a great fan of boxing and has been the Senior Partner of Beamridge Ltd which has been supporting boxing team like Nemesis. Being a staunch fan of this boxing game, Lee May is organizing a 10K run so as to raise 20K Euros for Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club to aid in buying them a minibus. Every Euro will be directed to the Club. The aim is to make the young people in the club have better training so as to compete more effectively in both domestic and international tournaments.


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The Chainsmokers And Halsey Talk About Avicii

The Chainsmokers and Halsey honored the life of Avicii during the 2018 Billboard Music Awards. Avicii was a popular DJ and producer from Switzerland who recently took his own life. The Chainsmokers, made up of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, are also a famous DJ and producer duo and said they had taken a lot of inspiration from Avicii. He said he had made important contributions to the EDM scene and he would be missed.

They were presenting the award for Top Hot 100 Song of 2018 which was won by “Descapcito” which was performed by Luis Fonsi. Halsey said before this award was given out that everyone who had worked with Avicii had said he was a great guy to work with which made his suicide particularly painful. She encouraged everyone to support and love the people in their lives and reach out to those ones that have a mental illness they are dealing with.

Avicii’s real name was Tim Bergling. He was just 28 years old when he committed suicide on April 20, 2018. He has music that has yet to be released. The president of Geffen Records, the label that had signed him, said some of that could still be released.

The Chainsmokers achieved fame in 2014. Their first hit was “#Selfie” which became an international hit. This was followed up by a string of successful singles like “Don’t Let Me Down”, “Closer”, and “Let You Go”. They have also released three popular EPs including their last one, “Memories…Do Not Open” which came out in April 2017.

From April 2017 to January 2018 The Chainsmokers had taken a break from releasing new singles. This break ended when they released “Sick Boy” in January of this year. This song release was soon followed by another one, “You Owe Me” as well as “Everybody Hates Me” which they performed live in Prague. These songs are tonally different than the music they had released before. They are also working on another studio album which will be named “Somebody” and hasn’t received a release date as of yet.

Glen Wakeman Finds Passion in Helping Entrepreneurs in Executing Their Business Goals.

Success in any business is dependent on strategies laid by entrepreneurs to succeed. So many starters have a sincere desire to grow their business. However, there is always a profound wish that investment gurus show their support in developing these businesses. As such, several business mentors have conducted their research to educate investors on the emerging market issues. Glen Wakeman is at the leading edge of remodeling starters on the trending techniques of surviving in the market. His mentorship program focuses on growth, innovation and executive development.


The astounding LaunchPad Holdings


Glen Wakeman instituted LaunchPad Holdings. Through this institution, he targets the sprouting of entrepreneurs with unfolding feasible ideas. With only $100, clients need to spare thirty minutes to metamorphose fresh business ideas into implementation. In his own words, Glen confesses that his intention to start the business was triggered by many people who approached him with noble business ideas that failed to materialize.


Zealous about Meeting Clients’ Demands


Being passionate about success, the increasing rate of business frazzle was a constant disturbance to his heart. Consequently, he began to research which its finding declared that most businesses’ structures and ideas lack proper organizations. Moreover, curiosity has been spurring him to launch a discovery on why many investments whether rooted or growing always fail. With that said, Glen Wakeman is continually delving into in-depth research findings to discover bedazzling ideas. These ideas have helped continuously emerging entrepreneurs to make wise decisions in business.


Glen Wakeman is an outstanding technology guru. Following his vast experience obtained while working in different countries, he developed an intuitive understanding of the widely felt business challenges globally. Consequently, he humbly began his venture after a solid education foundation from Scranton University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. Immediately after, he unveiled a broad range of concepts, bringing together a multifaceted approach to find business solutions to existing gaps.




Even though Glen Wakeman never had expectations that his meek business would pick immediately after its establishment, it has now become a significant benchmark for most emerging businesses. With it, he advises all entrepreneurs that profit generation is gradual, but it is critical for people to turn their eyes to developing effective strategies that will capacitate their businesses.

An Elder of the Collection Agency, IC System

There are many collection agencies, but not many offer great services to their clients. IC System is a leader in its field when it comes to client services. The company now has eighty years of servicing their clients as being one of the best collection agencies.


Back in 1938, Ruth and Jack Erickson founded IC System right outside of St. Paul, Minnesota. The main principle of creating this company was to offer excellent and genuine customer service, which to this day still stands as its main principle. There have been three generations of the Erickson family that IC System has been passed down to, and not once did they ever lose focus of their ethical goal.


IC System has always been a progressive company, and that’s why they have always been known to be the best collection agency. When computers began to become popularized, the company favored on moving away from typewriters and onto computers. They moved forward with technology and the future while others didn’t.


Because ethics and morals play a huge role for the company, IC System dedicates themselves to charities as well. Yearly they hold campaigns so that they can donate money, services, resources, and their time to charities. A few organizations that the company has contributed to are Toys for Tots, The American Red Cross, and The Special Olympics and more.


IC System is able to collect debt from all fifty states in the U.S., including Puerto Rico and Guam, since they’re licensed. Being licensed allows the company to be able to provide for their clients to search for their customers’ residence, which is actually something that not many collection agencies can do since they are not licensed. In this case, if the agencies or clients do seek out their patients, they will be held responsible.


For those that wish to work with a collection agency, the best option is IC System. They are a family-owned business that have always provided the best customer service and are reliable. They are the leader in their field, and they represent best what it means to be an ethically-driven company.


Jorge Moll Quest of Understanding Human Morality

Jorge Moll is one of the most influential entrepreneurs in Brazil. He runs a series of Hospitals which are making a huge impact for Brazilians today. He and his family have been on the forefront of making life better for millions of Brazilians through the medical services offered at the independent hospitals. Jorge owns the majority of shares in the Rede D’Or Sao Luiz. He started the business in 1997 and has since brought in the family to help him run the company. The company also has stakeholders like the Carlyle Group, GIC and Grupo BTG who joined in 2010 and 2015. The company runs a total of 35 private hospitals, with over 5000 beds.

In the past recent events, Jorge Moll has been actively involved in the research of uncovering the basis of human morality. The Neuroscientist raised some rather interesting issues on how brain psychology directly affects human morality and altruism. The research was conducted by both Neuroscientist Jorge Moll and colleague Jordan Graham. The research involved presenting the participants with scenarios where they were required to either donate money to charity or keep the money to themselves. The neuroscientist would then scan the brains of participants during both scenarios.

The findings were rather interesting. Jorge and Partner Jordan found out that a primitive part of the brain was activated when the participants made a decision that benefited others instead of themselves. The findings proposed a case where morality and altruism were not based on ethical thinking of the higher mind but rather allied to parts of the brain that are wired to the human pleasure reactions. Jorge and Jordan research, in other words, was pointing out human reasons for benevolence acts as the ability of the acts to make humans feel good.

The findings received various support theories from instances where spiritual leaders and philosophers. They pointed out acts of kindness and generosity as a way of living a more fulfilled life. Among the studies done by neuroscientist Jorge, this was one of the most outstanding that people all over the world could relate with. Jorge continues to grow in his career as a neuroscientist and he is constantly conducting new research on human Morality and actions.

The contributions of Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera is an icon and role model when it comes to offering customized solutions in logistics and transportation. He is the founder and the CEO of The Custom Companies, Inc. that mainly deals with offering logistics and transportation services. Perry Mandera has a wealth of experience in logistics and transportation since he has been in the industry for more than 40 years. Throughout his career in the industry, he has interacted with different customers who present a unique experience in delivering the services. In the course of working he has interacted with customers in Illinois and the country in general. The success story of Perry Mandera in the logistics and transport industry is breathtaking as well as unique at the same time. Before founding his own company and becoming the CEO, he worked as a Marine in the military where he was in charge of logistics and transporting of troops and supplies.

His passion for helping those around him pushed him to start a logistics company after his exit from the military. During his interaction with people, he recalls with prestige how he ensured his colleague in the military got the supplies on time and safely. When he left the army, he ran for office in the year 1984, and he was successfully elected as the Republican Ward Committeeman in charge of 26th ward Chicago. He went on to serve for one four-year term, and during this time he was the youngest individual to serve in Chicago. His passion for helping the people has seen him take part in numerous charitable activities during his time in local government. During the recent interviews, we had with Mandera, evidence of philanthropic activities are well articulated making it possible to identify his dedication to serving the people. Perry Mandera has invested a significant period and resources to support programs aimed at helping the less fortunate in the society. The primary emphasis on his charity is mainly on the needy children who are from poor background. For instance, he donates money and other material support to ensure children from needy families attend school. Besides, he has gone an extra mile by providing transport as well as clothing to facilitate the learning of children.