A piece of advice for start ups; William Saito

Across Japan, he is known to support startup companies and serving the government of Japan as an advisor to various ministries on issues concerning cybersecurity. William Saito was born in 1971, in LA. After receiving high school education, he joined the University of California, Riverside Biomedical Science Program from 1988 to 1992. At a young age, Saito developed a passion for technology. It eventually turned out to the gear that changed the course of his life for the better. In campus, he started I/O Software through which he developed a software that could display Japanese characters in English, used by Sony. After some software development, Microsoft offered to partner with I/O Software on many technology projects for around for years. After the partnership, Microsoft fully acquired I/O software from Saito.

William has a vast experience in technology development, entrepreneurship, program management and security. His expertise is from serving the japans government as a cybersecurity advisor in the various ministries, a strategic advisor for Japan Airlines, a member of a number task force in the government and also private investment companies. In 2001, he was recognized as a Young Global Leader during World Economic Forum. William Saito has continuously been addressing issues concerning startups.


In a recent article on Analyst of Finance, Saito extensively offers advice to startups on various ways that could help secure a better future for their ideas. He points out that marketing and branding is no option for any startup. It essentials that brand message reaches your target audience. Hence, entrepreneurs should heavily invest in marketing. Explain to the customers why your product is worth buying, what your product aims at satisfying. Capital has been a significant concern for many startups, on this Saito advice that entrepreneurs should consider working with less initial capital to minimize potential risk. Embracing diversity as another strategy that works in helping grow an idea into a real business. It brings along brilliant ideas that can be incorporated into the startup. It also creates a sense of equality.

It is also vital that your business matches your values. Let employees uphold these values. Values will determine what employees and customers you attract. Most importantly, take risks and always seek to be the best. Find ways to expand your market and improve your product otherwise; your competitor will overtake you. Embracing failure and working on your weaknesses is the key.