The Deep Story Behind the Deepwater Model of Talos Energy

“We all want nice stuff but what I enjoy most is the challenge of building something that other people will come to the conclusion; you cannot build anymore”. Those are words from a real fighter who has gone through the mountains and valleys of life and came out successful. There is no success without a story; many may look at the success being displayed by Talos Energy and think that it just happened. No, nothing on earth just happens; there is always a force behind everything. In Talos Energy is Tim Duncan who narrates the story that forms the background of his success.

In his recent negotiation which can be called the greatest concerning the onshore wells, Tim Duncan remembers how the whole story began. After a couple days of his suburb’s streets being impassable in Kingwood, Texas in Houston, after a tropical torment hit the region, some report came that the region would be hit by Hurricane floodwaters. This led him to take his wife and son to FEMA rescue boat. In his activities, he still had his thought of making his deal of merging his company with Stone Energy a reality. By then Stone Energy was running bankrupt.

His decision was critical having in mind that his family needs to be safe. So he flew the family to Alabama and came back to his mother’s house in Texas. In the dining room table seemed to be his favorite spot for it is where he spent late nights skimming, negotiating the deal and looking at it from all aspects. The completion of the merger saw Tim presiding over an oil company with revenue of $90 million and all Talos Energy assets will be at the Gulf of Mexico.

The Chief Executive Officer of Talos Energy, Mr. Tim Duncan has seen the company through and currently, it can produce more than 48,000 barrels every day. He aims to increase the level of production even to higher heights. The biggest asset of Talos Energy is Phoenix field which had been swept by Hurricane Rita but the company cleaned it up and now it pumps over 16,000 barrels a day from the field. It’s clear that Talos will acquire Pompano platform and other more promising drilling sites like seismic offshore.