Glen Wakeman Finds Passion in Helping Entrepreneurs in Executing Their Business Goals.

Success in any business is dependent on strategies laid by entrepreneurs to succeed. So many starters have a sincere desire to grow their business. However, there is always a profound wish that investment gurus show their support in developing these businesses. As such, several business mentors have conducted their research to educate investors on the emerging market issues. Glen Wakeman is at the leading edge of remodeling starters on the trending techniques of surviving in the market. His mentorship program focuses on growth, innovation and executive development.


The astounding LaunchPad Holdings


Glen Wakeman instituted LaunchPad Holdings. Through this institution, he targets the sprouting of entrepreneurs with unfolding feasible ideas. With only $100, clients need to spare thirty minutes to metamorphose fresh business ideas into implementation. In his own words, Glen confesses that his intention to start the business was triggered by many people who approached him with noble business ideas that failed to materialize.


Zealous about Meeting Clients’ Demands


Being passionate about success, the increasing rate of business frazzle was a constant disturbance to his heart. Consequently, he began to research which its finding declared that most businesses’ structures and ideas lack proper organizations. Moreover, curiosity has been spurring him to launch a discovery on why many investments whether rooted or growing always fail. With that said, Glen Wakeman is continually delving into in-depth research findings to discover bedazzling ideas. These ideas have helped continuously emerging entrepreneurs to make wise decisions in business.


Glen Wakeman is an outstanding technology guru. Following his vast experience obtained while working in different countries, he developed an intuitive understanding of the widely felt business challenges globally. Consequently, he humbly began his venture after a solid education foundation from Scranton University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. Immediately after, he unveiled a broad range of concepts, bringing together a multifaceted approach to find business solutions to existing gaps.




Even though Glen Wakeman never had expectations that his meek business would pick immediately after its establishment, it has now become a significant benchmark for most emerging businesses. With it, he advises all entrepreneurs that profit generation is gradual, but it is critical for people to turn their eyes to developing effective strategies that will capacitate their businesses.