Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff: Facing the Setbacks

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is Sean Penn’s first book but will not be his last as long as he is alive and well. The diction in the book dictates that you take your sweet time reading for better comprehension. Being a book junkie, you need to have a firsthand encounter with Penn’s line of thought, and that is why having a dictionary close by is more of a necessity than a need.

One thing you happen to identify as you read through the pages is that no two segments are the same. In short, you cannot predict Sean Penn’s plot of the story. Fascinating right! The world-renowned Penn has mixed all manner of styling to give the Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff the flare it deserves.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff of old is unlike that of the present. Released in 2016, the audio book was quite shorter compared to what you have today. The new expansion has seen Sean add his perspective on modern social issues all within the storyline. Therefore, the book is rich in content that is not only educative but also entertaining.

Mr. Penn, in a recent podcast interview with Marc Maron, highlighted his dissatisfaction with the current American president, a man who has marooned himself as an individual who degrades other people. Sean, in his new book, has also made bold references to Fletcher, the famous El Chapo drug lord.

Like I said, you need to read the book slowly for you to have a full grasp of what Sean Penn is talking about. Penn, in his masterpiece, has depicted his conspiracy theories, and that is what keeps you glued to the pages as you read on.

Sean, who is a director, producer, writer, and actor, is something more than the arrogant man you may have heard about. Recall. Penn has never shied from telling the truth and that is why he has used his book to highlight some of the social issues afflicting the world today.

Penn now wants to break even as an author after having made a living in a long and industrious acting career. Sean no longer feels motivated in acting as such a career path has stopped him from exploiting his full potential. Therefore, Sean Penn believes that writing is an avenue that will help him share his many ideas with the rest of the world, thus influencing goodness in a rather tarnished place.