How End Citizens United Is Advancing Campaign Finance Reform

Politics can often be a very sensitive and sticky business. There is a lot at stake at each election because the people who are declared the victors will have the power to make decisions that will often impact the lives of tens of millions of people as well as the future. The process that is critical to the health of any democracy is the process that many societies periodically undergo that is known as elections. Elections preserve the health of political systems and are crucial to the functioning of that society. The laws that govern how elections are run are often put into place with the intent to preserve and protect the integrity of the electoral process.

In the United States there has been a major transformation with regard to many of the laws that govern how elections can be run. A body of laws that are known as campaign finance laws have been transformed by the outcomes of a pivotal Supreme Court ruling that is known as Citizens United vs Federal Election Commission. The outcome of the Citizens United vs Federal Election Commission case has transformed the way that political campaigns are run in the United States. If you ask the people who are behind the group End Citizens United they would tell you that those changes are not necessarily for the better. One of the outcomes of the Citizen United vs Federal Election Commission is the rise of political organizations that are known as super PACs or super political action committees. Prior to the Citizens United case political action committees were subject to laws that prevented people from donating from than $2500 each to a political action committee and that did not allow organizations like unions or corporations to donate to political action committees at all.

The Citizens United case changed all of this by allowing corporations to donate to political action committees. Often these corporations can pour unlimited amounts of money into super political action committees. They are able to do this because of the idea that corporations are citizens who have the same rights to free speech as human beings. This of course creates a playing field that is not level because it can give corporations to the ability to sway the outcome of an election in their favor even when that outcome will negatively impact the lives of actual human citizens. That said a group that is known as End Citizens United is working to live up to its name and to put an end to the results of the Citizens United case. According the group’s website their mission is to reduce the role that “big money” plays in politics. One of End Citizens United primary goals is to raise money to elect candidates to office who will challenge the changes that the Citizens United case has wrought upon the American political landscape. The group has noted that it plans to raise money to support the election of candidates who will advocate for campaign finance reform if they are elected to office. According to USA Today, End Citizens United raised $4 million for its cause during the first quarter of 2017.

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