One of a kind hiring strategy employed by Raj Fernando

A brief description of Chopper Trading.

Raj Fernando started chopper trading in the year 2002. He invested all his time in the following few years in making Chopper trading a technological powerhouse. His dedication and commitment to the company led him to accomplish the task eventually. Currently, Chopper Trading is one of the best in communications, management, trading, monitoring and offering high-risk solutions in the financial industry.

For more than a decade, the company prides itself in trading with some of the largest marketing participants. Some of these global exchanges it the company has done include with CME, ICE, and Eurex. The company comprises of over 150 dedicated employees. How Raj determines whether his employees have been a point of interest for many. A unique man, you must admit.

Criteria Raj uses in hiring and maintain his team.

Unlike other companies in the same business, everything was different with Raj’s. It is not uncommon to hear of a company, which can bring many potential employers on board, only to end up retaining one or even none. According to him, the best employee is not the most qualified, or the one who can bring the most profit to the company.

By employing the use of this recruiting strategy, Raj believes that there is a good chance that these employees will live to work in the company until someday when they retire. So far so good, his hiring policy is working in his favor. It is not uncommon to find the employees exercising together after a long day’s work to unwind and relax.

About Raj Fernando.

Raj Fernando, the Chairman, and CEO of Scoutahead Company began his career at a tender age, while still in college. He was once a volunteer at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. His dedication and commitment to work made him rise to higher ranks.

Currently, he is working with Scoutahead Company, which provides secure advanced communication systems. The company’s aim is to improve professional productivity, through encouraging them to use their skills and talent to corporate advantage.

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