William Saito and the Japanese-American entrepreneurial spirit

William Saito is a well-known Japanese-American entrepreneur in the cyber security field. Born to a Japanese family, he and his family moved to America permanently when he was two years old. After graduating from a Biomedical Science Program at the University of California, William served the government in civil service jobs for much of his life but moved forward and found success in the private sector. Following a 6-fold approach to business, focusing on ideas, competition, vision, success, marketing, and planning, he helps start-ups reach their ultimate goals in cyber security.

With a focus in team building, encryption, IoT, and networking, William Saito made a name for himself in the world of cybersecurity. He served at the pleasure of the Cabinet Office of Japan. Additionally, William acted as CEO for a Tokyo based consulting firm. As CEO, William was ultimately responsible for the consulting business as a whole, and navigated it through his specialties in leadership development, product development, business progression, and team building.

William has a passion for politics and intergovernmental communication processes. Mr. Saito believes that a well-designed business plan is an essential tool for managing shared accountability between corporate parties. He encourages using the business plan as a tool for evaluating and monitoring a business’ progress in its field. As an active member of the start-up community, he is able to understand the latest trends in cybersecurity.

Much of his career has been mediating communication between governmental and non-governmental entities. William’s experience in the fields of executive management, risk management, global corporate strategy, and community management proved essential to give his clients the leg up that would make them successful in their individual fields. His emphasis and technological skill, specifically in IT strategy, advertising strategy, networking, and encryption created significant value for his clients.


At 47 years old, Mr. Saito’s future in cyber security is likely just beginning. Ensuring business security is one of his specialties, and William Saito’s software development, encryption, and networking skills all play an essential role in his strategy for ensuring positive outcomes for companies and entities that he works with and advises.

How Sean Penn wrote His Latest Novel

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a book that tells the story many people have dealt with in their lives. Even those who have not been directly affected by problems like the ones in Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff can relate to the book because of how Sean Penn created it for everyone to understand. He knew there were elements in the story that would make people concerned about the issues going on but he also knew these issues needed addressed. For Sean Penn, writing Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was a chance to show people how things could turn out if they didn’t put a stop to different issues in the world around them. He wanted everyone to continue seeing him as a serious writer who was doing everything he could to help people understand those issues.

Between helping people see the positive parts of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff and showing them what it meant to continue helping others with the book opportunities they had, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff gave Sean Penn the chance to keep helping others, like his philanthropy work in Haiti. He always wanted people to have a good understanding of the positive experiences and that’s what made it easier for everyone to give people the chance at a better life that they could understand better. For Sean Penn, the book helped him make sure he was doing everything the right way for other people.

Between helping others and giving back to them, Sean Penn knew what it meant to keep creating positive opportunities. He also knew things needed to change no matter what issues people dealt with or what they were doing in different situations. Sean Penn always wanted others to realize they could get more from the situations they were in and from the political issues that were affecting people in other ways. Sean Penn liked showing people how they could make a difference and using the Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff book helped him make sure everyone saw what he could do.




Jason Hope – Philanthropists and Entrepreneur

Jason Hope has always had a passion for giving back, currently he is strongly focused on how to make big changes in the aging process. He is originally from Scottsdale, AZ and has his degrees from Arizona State and Carey School of Business. His educational background is in finance, but he is very passionate about technology. He believes that the current medicinal approach to aging needs to change, and he has dedicated funds to help researchers find a better approach.

Everyone knows that aging is a part of the cycle of life; it is inevitable for any living creature or being to live without growing old. With age comes also changes within our bodies. Sometimes those changes are life-threatening and/or life changing. In today’s world of technological advances medicine has helped to improve or ease the pains of growing old. But Jason Hope feels that there is still more that can be done in regards to medicine and aging. He feels that medicine should not only treat, but prevent some of these age old diseases that cripple aging individuals lives and lifestyle.

Jason Hope wants to ensure that researchers have the necessary means to find ways to help reverse or slow down the aging process. He is aiding researchers that are interested in finding ways to accomplish this task and fight the process of aging for everyone around the globe. Jason Hope has participated in funding the organization SENS Foundation for several years. SENS Foundation’s primary focus is aiding people with find technological advances that combat aging and an approach to preventing diseases that come along with it. The SENS Foundation is one of several organizations using biotechnological research in the war against aging.

Jason Hope’s giving spirit does not stop with funding research, he also gives back to education. Hope gives to non-profit organizations to help people in his community and around the world. He believes in not only finding a solution to the aging process, but educating the public on aging. He also helps students attending college by funding educational grants and grants for projects focusing on technological and medicinal advances. He is a long time supporter of the Boys and Girls Club, Tech for America, and many other organizations.

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Peter Briger: Investment guru and philanthropist

Peter Briger: Investment guru and philanthropist

Peter Briger the Co-Chairman as well as a senior principal in the governing board of Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Investment Group is an internationally acclaimed investment managing firm which has its headquarters in New York. He is located at the San Francisco offices in California. His specialization is in the management of assets having 20 years of experience in the field. His board members elected him as their chairman in 2009. He has overseen the day to day operations of the company in various roles of management from 2002. He is currently running the credit fund as well as real estate business dealings of the company.

Peter Briger pursued his bachelor’s degree from Princeton University. He also did a thesis in Business Administration at the University of Pennsylvania under the Wharton School of Business. Before joining Fortress Investment Group, he was the partner in Goldman Sachs where he handled various business operations of the company. He was also appointed as the co-principal of the Fixed Income Principal Investments Group branch of the company. He also served as the firms head in the departments of Whole Loan Sales as well as Trading Business. He also was included in the committees of the company including the Global Control & Compliance Committee as well as the Asian Management Committee. The Goldman Sachs Special Opportunities Fund is among some of the divisions that he manages and handles.

Peter Briger is also an avid philanthropist towards community causes. He is also a member of the Silicon Valley Leadership Council under the Global Fund for Children. He is also part of the Council on Foreign Relations. The council is an organization with no party affiliations that has its central role in promoting a better understanding of issues under foreign policies towards both elected officials as well as citizens.Peter Briger has had 15 years of experience working in Goldman Sachs & Co. he was made a partner for the company in 1996. He is also a member of the directing board at the Princeton University Investment Company. He has excellent support for the Central Park Conservancy Organization. He has donated over six hundred million U.S dollars to this cause. He also has interests in other social purposes such as quality education as well the alleviation of poverty. He is at position 962 at the Forbes list of billionaires with a net worth of about 1.2 billion U.S dollars.

Boraie Development & Shaquille O’Neal’s Towering Success in Newark

Boraie Development’s building project, One Rector Street, held its topping off ceremony in downtown Newark, NJ marking a major step toward its grand opening. Nicknamed “Shaq Tower”, after major investor Shaquille O’Neal, the building is the city’s first residential high rise in the last 50 years. In addition to Mr. O’Neal, in attendance were Governor Phil Murphy, Newark Mayor Ras Baraka and developers Wasseem and Omar Boraie.


Governor Phil Murphy thanked the former NBA Hall Of Fame superstar for his civic-minded commitment and for remembering his roots. Mayor Ras Baraka acknowledged much-needed state assistance and support for the project and noted other major contributors such as Goldman Sachs.


The building marks the launch of the program, Project Newark, initiated by the city along with Mr. O’Neal. It is designed to “give a helping hand to women, minorities and veterans” according to Bill O’Dea, Hudson County Freeholder and founder of Project IMPACT. For more info you can visit re-nj.com


Built along the river at 37-39 Rector Street in the heart of downtown, the tower will stand 21 stories tall and provide 169 rental units. The goal is to provide luxury accommodations at a affordable rates to city residents and professionals. Pre-leasing will start in October and November and construction, by Gilbane Building Company, will be completed by the end of the year.


Next on the agenda for Shaquille O’Neal and Boaie Development is a 35-story, 350 unit project on McCarter Highway in Newark bringing another $150 million investment into the city.


Boraie Development focus is on all areas of the urban real estate market and to fill the increasing economic demands of urban centers and neighborhoods. Its Urban Investment Strategy includes financial restructuring and master planning for redevelopment of various property types including: retail, residential, student housing, mixed use, and hotel assets. You can visit njbiz.com for more details.



Boraie Development LLC

120 Albany Street, Suite 800

New Brunswick, NJ 08901

P: 732.846.3636

F: 732.846.3726

E: [email protected]

Getting the Best Plastic Surgery With Dr Walden

There are a lot of options when you are looking at getting any kind of work done on your boy, but Dr Walden is a great one to look into. She can help you to look great and she is a nice Doctor.

Who is Dr Walden?

Dr Walden started her practice in New York and worked with a lot of different people in different industries. She worked there for years and then decided she wanted to come back to where she grew up. Now she is based back in Austin Texas, but she still works with the same people she did in New York. The only difference is that she is in the area she wanted to be in with her family and close friends. She is very good at what she does with her plastic surgery and she can make you feel comfortable as well as help you look your best. She has done a lot of different procedures so she knows a little about each one.

Why Get Your Surgery from Her

There are a lot of ways you can get a good surgery, but Dr Walden is one of the best for your needs. She will talk to you and she will make sure you understand what is going to happen. She wants to make sure you are feeling good about everything. She takes her time to explain it to you and to help you understand everything that is going to happen before and after your appointment.

If you are looking at getting any kind of work like this done, you should not look anywhere else. She is going to help you to look and feel your best. Waht are you waiting for? Give Dr Walden a call today.

Sean Penn Discusses Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff And The Future Of His Career

You most likely know Sean Penn as the slacker in Fast Times At Ridgemont High or for his iconic role in Mystic River. Recently, however, his career has taken a bit of a detour as he’s made the transition from acting to writing and now he’s sitting down with Rolling Stone to discuss his debut novel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. The book has attracted quite a bit of controversy considering the titular character is an international assassin who kills elderly people with a mallet but, regardless, Penn stands by his work and hopes to change people’s perceptions of morality.
In the interview, he discusses a particular scene in which Bob writes a letter to the landlord, telling him our nation is in need of an assassin. Though the line is controversial and a clear reference to the current political climate, Penn insists there was no blowback from his publisher in terms of keeping that scene in the book. He also talks about how he believes it’s important to write what you want to write and not to pander to any particular demographic. His inspiration is primarily derived from Harry Crews of whose work Penn is a big fan. He also discussed drawing inspiration from such prolific writers as Terry Southern and Thomas Pynchon. Originally, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was released only as an audiobook.

However, it has since been released as a novel and Penn explained that this was due to his lack of knowledge and experience regarding book publishing. He also talked about how important it is to push the envelope as much as you can with your writing because if you don’t tackle the hot-button issues, nobody else will. While he does intend to keep writing, he’s also not leaving acting either. He hopes that Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff will lead to many more novels in the future though he’s unsure of how many of them he’ll actually be able to get published. So wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors and hope his debut novel ends up being a big success.

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NGP VAN: Influencing Campaign Process through Incredible Tools

NGP VAN is a political technology provider for both Democratic & Progressive organizations as well as campaigns. It is based in Washington, DC. One of the leading tool that they are using is the Digital 8 that is leading in political fundraising and compliance. Through the Digital 8 tool, more money is raised. Digital 8 is well ground up and built for emails, online, and any social tools with fantastic features. One of the provision in Digital 8 is the targeted email platform. The benefits behind this is discussed in the article. There is good deliverable rates from a team of experts that helps in the campaign with no additional costs to incur. They ensure that messages will reach your supporters at good rates. Secondly, there is a design for automated email series that helps in ushering in the subscribers and followers into the campaign. At the same time, donors can get to re-engage the passive subscribers occasionally. At the same time, there is the provision of easy sign up by supporter, volunteers, or donors to your campaign by one-click actions. Also, it is possible to personalize the emails which mean you can send different content to various email recipients depending with the merge fields, fundraising amounts, and the relationship with a particular supporter for your campaigns. This features is called dynamic ask string & conditional content developing. The fifth benefit is the ActBlue tracker that allows you to access conversations and donation statistics from your ActBlue page to your email dashboard automatically. This is possible with the new tracker feature called the ActBlue. Finally, to improve and raise your impact in clicking the send button, there is the multivariate testing which is easy to use and will enable you to test a maximum of ten tests for effective and maximum control measure.

To effect your campaign and have a great time with your supporters and donors, NGP VAN provides you with the most appropriate tools for campaigning and organizing that will not disappoint you. It allows the candidates to have an easy time to pull together finances for the campaign purposes towards their winning journey for their posts. NGP VAN more so provides the best access for voter information and any access you are in need of as a candidate. It is easy to start and enjoy from the extensive services offered by NGP VAN campaign tools.

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Great Entrepreneurial Tips from Mike Baur and Max Meister, Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur runs Swiss Startup Factory. He is a founding partner of the company, which was launched in 2014. Swiss Startup Factory is an accelerator type company looking for a growing and digitized entrepreneurs. It is based in Zurich, Switzerland. The Swiss company has a three-month accelerator program that is meant to avail a recognized service platform, mentorship, coaching, and office space in Zurich and through other global networks.


Mike Baur together with Max Meister is real gems of Swiss Startup Factory. They have profound skills, expertise, and character traits that they utilize for the success of the company. The success story behind the Swiss Startup Factory is the provision of growing entrepreneurs with enough funding, networks, mentorship, and resources. This has helped turn the business into fruitfulness. Through an entrepreneurial talk, Max and Mike reveal some of the life issues and steps in their venture into the company. Through that, the company is changing the financial climate.


Max Meister saw a gap in the marketplace and grasped it. He realized that he could fill the void in the market by exercising his expertise as an entrepreneur. Through repeated times, Max felt compelled and more passionate to be involved in long-term activities in his profession. He says that the gap in the market matched his services that he would enjoy providing. In the discussion, Mike pointed out that the mission statement of the Swiss Startup Factory is a place where innovation meets the execution.


On the other hand, Mike Baur shares out three tips for business startup. He is one of the committed fellows in giving opportunities to any young entrepreneur to grow successfully in business. Mike facilitates launching of businesses through a program that he runs in Swiss Startup Factory. The program is well grounded with mentorship sessions, great opportunities for entrepreneurs to show off their ideas to prospective investors, and marketing. He reveals these key secrets for business startups for entrepreneurs desiring to grow and establish themselves. For starters, one needs to identify the opportunities for starting a business. Also, embrace change when it comes and ensures that the business is adapting to it healthily. Finally, Mike says that as an entrepreneur, one needs to know the risks associated with the idea and be willing and receptive to take them. He continues to say that risks do not come before one starts a business but once the business idea is being expected. Mike concludes that your decision over risk-taking will shape the growth in the business.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Announces Bradesco’s New President

Bradesco Bank has announced that Octavio de Lazari, Jr., president of its Bradesco Seguros branch and one of the company’s vice presidents, will be replacing Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi as its president. Trabuco’s time in office was characterized by many highs, the chief of which is the acquisition of HSBC for $5.2 billion. He was selected by Bradesco’s Succession and Appointment Committee.

Trabuco will be maintaining his role as Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors until the convening of the Ordinary General Meeting on March 12. Upon assuming the helm, Lazari will begin leadership of Brazil’s second-largest bank.

The 54-year-old Lazari is an economist who first joined the Bradesco team in 1978 when he was just a teenager. He has stated that he will begin his leadership role with a huge emphasis on credit growth, something he believes is imperative to the future of Bradesco. As mentioned Lazari has been serving as the president of Bradesco Seguros. Prior to becoming the president of the entire company, Trabuco was also president of BS. He is now departing the president position of Bradesco because company policy stipulates that the company president can’t be older than 65.

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According to company rules, Trabuco had until 2019 to find an adequate replacement. Trabuco himself first took the reins in 2009. He had been employed for Bradesco since the 60s, joining the team as a teenager. Through the next few decades through hard work and discipline, he rose through the ranks of the company. From early on he had his sights set on a top position. His entry into high-level leadership came in 1984 when he was made the bank’s Department Director. In 1999, he was made the president of Bradesco Seguros.

As its leader, Trabuco led this Bradesco subsidiary to become one of the top insurance companies in South America. This fact was instrumental in the board deciding to make Trabuco president of the entire company in 2009. All of the presidents of Bradesco throughout is history have led it based on the company motto: “Go forward.” It currently has almost 30 million customers which are services via its 5,000-plus branches. This massive body is serviced by over 100,000 employees.

Learn more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco: https://oglobo.globo.com/economia/bradesco-anuncia-novo-presidente-octavio-de-lazari-junior-vai-substituir-luiz-carlos-trabuco-cappi-22365414#ixzz56wDld69g