Peter Briger, Fortress Investment Group’s Principal, and Investment Guru

Peter Briger works as the co-chairman of the Fortress Investment Group, one of the most prominent alternative asset managers in the world. He has also served as the co-chairman of the company‘s board of directors since 2009. Peter holds various other key roles at the company and its subsidiaries as well. Fortress Investment Group is an investment company established in New York, USA and Briger’s office is at the company’s headquarters. Peter Briger holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and an MBA from Princeton University and the University of Pennsylvania respectively.

Fortress Investment Group is a well-known investment manager. According to December 2017 report, the organization has an asset base worth 43.6 billion dollars. The group has a considerably massive client base. Its customers include private groups, institutions, and corporate officials. Fortress serves more than 1,750 companies throughout the globe. It provides its clients with a variety of services ranging from private capital investment and real estate programs. The firm has been operating for some time, and it has extensive experience in expanding financial management services. The management of the company is keen on growing risk-adjusted returns for the investors on a regular basis.

According to recent financial performance records, the company had 953 members of staff in the Department of Asset Management. Fortress also recorded more than 216 investment professionals in its service across the world. The primary focus of the company includes asset-based service. Fortress Investment Group offers specialized and professional advice on issues such as owning, financing, pricing as well as supervising the management of physical and financial assets. Peter Briger has played an integral role in the exponential development of the firm as an investment executive due to his far-reaching experience in financial services.

Besides Mr. Briger’s work as an investment consultant, he is also active in supporting the society. To start with, Peter is one of the Alumni who has created a fund that supports Alma Mata group at the Princeton University with startup enterprises to develop their businesses. This support aims at sustaining the University’s alumni hope that it’ll have the maximum impact on the lives that go through it.

Peter Briger and his fellow alumni colleagues wish to grow an entrepreneurial mentality at the Princeton University. The Entrepreneurship Advisory committee at the university is at the forefront in endorsing entrepreneurship. The university has proposed the Entrepreneurs Fund by the Alumni to help realize the many benefits of innovation and creativity.