The Chainsmokers And Halsey Talk About Avicii

The Chainsmokers and Halsey honored the life of Avicii during the 2018 Billboard Music Awards. Avicii was a popular DJ and producer from Switzerland who recently took his own life. The Chainsmokers, made up of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, are also a famous DJ and producer duo and said they had taken a lot of inspiration from Avicii. He said he had made important contributions to the EDM scene and he would be missed.

They were presenting the award for Top Hot 100 Song of 2018 which was won by “Descapcito” which was performed by Luis Fonsi. Halsey said before this award was given out that everyone who had worked with Avicii had said he was a great guy to work with which made his suicide particularly painful. She encouraged everyone to support and love the people in their lives and reach out to those ones that have a mental illness they are dealing with.

Avicii’s real name was Tim Bergling. He was just 28 years old when he committed suicide on April 20, 2018. He has music that has yet to be released. The president of Geffen Records, the label that had signed him, said some of that could still be released.

The Chainsmokers achieved fame in 2014. Their first hit was “#Selfie” which became an international hit. This was followed up by a string of successful singles like “Don’t Let Me Down”, “Closer”, and “Let You Go”. They have also released three popular EPs including their last one, “Memories…Do Not Open” which came out in April 2017.

From April 2017 to January 2018 The Chainsmokers had taken a break from releasing new singles. This break ended when they released “Sick Boy” in January of this year. This song release was soon followed by another one, “You Owe Me” as well as “Everybody Hates Me” which they performed live in Prague. These songs are tonally different than the music they had released before. They are also working on another studio album which will be named “Somebody” and hasn’t received a release date as of yet.